Private Home Tutoring in Newcastle

Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Tuition provides your child with the support they need to as they fine-tune their approach to maths. We match your child with a private tutor in Newcastle that works with them to discover new ways for them to learn and grow. While a private tutor in Newcastle is an excellent addition to your child’s after-school routine, learning to study on their own is just as important. Time management is a leading issue when it comes to studying. One of our goals is to teach your child techniques to study efficiently on their own, so they continue to see the benefits of their work.


Benefits of Working with a Private Tutor in Newcastle:


  • For some children, learning maths is very hard in a classroom setting. A private tuition session in Newcastle provides your child with an individualised interaction in their home.

  • Home tutoring in Newcastle allows your child to ask questions and study in a comfortable environment.

  • Private maths tuition in Newcastle assures your child that they can ask a question and receive a direct, on the spot answer.

  • Once your child feels more confident with the subject matter, they will feel more comfortable asking questions at school.  

  • Private maths tuition in Newcastle also provides you, as a parent, peace of mind that you child is getting the personalised help.


Work with Our Team of Professional Tutors:


  • Our talented tutors come from different backgrounds.

  • We match your child with either a fully qualified teacher, professional or university student. We hold our tutors to the highest possible standard ensuring that your child has nothing but the best experience and outcome after their session.

  • You are not obligated to sign up for a set number of interactions or sign a contract.

  • We are here to guide your child through their subject difficulty as often as needed.

To book a private tutor in Newcastle, please call us on 0404 420 776 or use our secure contact page to tell us more about your tutoring needs.