Maths and English Tutors in Newcastle: Lake Macquarie and New Castle Tuition


The tutors at Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Tuition understand the challenges surrounding the subject of maths. Our team of trained university students and qualified teachers offers your child a hands-on approach geared toward pushing through the maths barriers that are holding your child back.


Why Should Your Child Work with our Maths Tutors in Newcastle?


  • A leading reason why our Newcastle maths tutors are so relevant is our tutor provides your child with a one-on-one learning environment.

  • Children may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask a question when their classmates seem to understand the concept with ease.

  • Our maths tutors in Newcastle come to your home to tutor your child to ensure they’re completely comfortable in an environment that they know.

  • Other than guiding your child on the subject of maths, the goal of our tutors is to build your child’s confidence.

  • We aim to show your child that tutors and teachers alike are there to help them with difficult concepts and to help them grow in all aspects of their young lives.

  • Working with one of our Newcastle maths tutors also provides your child with the understanding that it is okay to struggle with difficult concepts.

  • Our highly skilled tutors aim to reinforce the fact that it is just fine to feel discouraged as long as you do not give up on trying to work out the problem.


Reach Out to Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Tuition to Begin Sessions


  • The caring staff of tutors at our company understands the difficulties associated with maths.

  • Nearly a decade of experience in the tutoring field

  • Tutors pride themselves on making sure that they are up-to-date with all the latest trends and techniques that help your child understand the subject.

  • As part of our dedication, we do not require you to sign a contract

  • You are free to use our services as you please and when your child needs them.



At Lake Macquarie and New Castle Tuition, we offer quality, individual, in-home tuition. Our company has been operating for seven years, and we have over seventy qualified primary and high school tutors across the Lake Macquarie and New Castle area. At Lack Macquarie, our philosophy is to provide quality tuition in a personalised environment.


  • Enjoy the benefits of having a qualified tutor visit your home. Private, in-home tuition is not only convenient but can also help improve your child’s confidence, motivation, behaviour and willingness to learn. You can see the locations of our tutors here to select English tutors in Newcastle.

  • We aim to help students reach their full potential, where this may be much more difficult in a classroom full of students.

  • All our tutors are warm, patient and experienced, so your student can feel supported and comfortable in their own home while they benefit from private tuition.


Our tutoring services cover all ages, levels and subjects with our range of experience and knowledgeable tutors. Simply email us an enquiry with the level and subject you require assistance with, and we will match you with a tutor in your area who is fluent in your subject and who can accommodate your schedule. English is a core subject your child will encounter throughout their schooling. For quality one-on-one tutoring in this subject, please submit an enquiry here for quality English tutors in Newcastle. For more information on maths tuition in Newcastle or to learn more about our Newcastle maths tutors, please call us on 0404 420 776 or fill out the enquiry section on our contact page.